I’ve been traveling in and out of Phoenix over the past few months and I’ve fallen slightly behind in my blogging…..  ooops.  Thought I would post a few pics from my experience in South Dakota.  Below are images of the flamenco concert that took place at The Dahl on March 1st. All photos are courtesy of the talented Paschal Karl of Karl Creations.  Thank you so much, Paschal for sharing your artistry of photography with me!!




Chris Burton Jacome


The most fulfilling experience as an instructor is to see your students shine.  I taught a 4-day flamenco workshop at Barefoot Dance Studio in South Dakota which culminated in a final performance at The Dahl Center.  What a thrill it was to see them on stage.  I am just so proud of all the participants and I am still beaming with delight.  Once again, thank you to Andrea Shaefer of Barefoot Dance Studio for making the workshop possible.  If you are in the Rapid City Area, then make sure to visit Barefoot Dance Studios to see what other great classes and projects are being offered.


(Above) Andrea & Laurana Wong dancing por tangos.


In addition, Chris provided a 3-day guitar workshop.  Above are a few of Chris’ guitar students performing on stage. Ole!


I had just taught the 1st copla of Sevillanas the same day of the performance.  I’m dancing with Wiyaka; her first time taking dance classes and her first time dancing on stage!!!  Impressive!




Chris posing with a few of his students after the concert.




Thank you once again, to Paschal Karl of Karl Creations for the great photos.  Please visit Lena Jacome for upcoming performances and projects.

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