Oh Yessss!!!! Dance Workshop in San Tan Valley – I’m SUPER EXCITED about this!!!! April 27 & 28! Mark your calendars! Please visit: www.JacomeFlamenco.com/calendar for more information!!!! OLE!!

Love of Dance

April 2, 2019

In a few weeks I’ll be returning to Bisbee to perform and teach with my company (that I co-own with my hubby), Jácome Flamenco. I have a series of projects coming up and I’ve wondered, “How will all of this manifest?” I don’t know. But, everyday I try to take at least one step forward down my path in dance. It can be anything – a short time in my home studio choreographing for 10 minutes. It’s wonderful when it’s a little longer…. watching a short video of dance in any style, stretching (I love to stretch, especially at night, when it’s quiet and my little one is asleep)! Drills, drills and more drills – call it technique, run throughs….. I love it all.

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