A strange occurrence has taken place in my house: I am missing a coffee mug. About six years ago I received as a birthday gift a set of four nicely sized coffee mugs. These mugs are larger than the other average size coffee mugs in my household. They’re special. I love coffee, by the way. I’ll drink coffee from other places, but my favorite coffee is the coffee I make at my house. It’s not extravagant; I drink instant coffee – Taster’s Choice. I mix ½ cup coffee & ½ cup half & half. It’s delicious. I generally drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. It’s wonderful! And I’m a little quirky because I drink only from these larger mugs & I generally won’t refill in the same mug. I finish my mug & grab another clean mug and make myself another. Anywho, I broke one of the set of the four mugs last month. Yesterday, I went to make myself a third cup of coffee – I’m missing a coffee mug. Where the hell did it go? I’m flabbergasted! I’m down to two now & I just really want to know the story behind the missing mug. It’s a conundrum (where the hell is it)?

My First Gallardos!

March 25, 2008

My Gallardos


I love my flamenco shoes (I’ve acquired seven pairs, so far). I don’t intend to mislead you; when I first was exposed to flamenco I didn’t think the shoes were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But, I’m a changed woman!! I have a pair of Gallardo’s that I purchased a year and a half after I began studying flamenco. They were purchased through Flamenco Export at: www.flamencoexport.com. I ordered them a half size too big so I pasted some rubber fillers near the ankle curves of the shoes. They are beautiful and I love rehearsing in them. I had the bottom of the shoes re-soled and my friendly cobbler (he reminds me of the soup-nazi on Seinfeld) accidentally added a bit more thickness on one shoe than required so I really have to work and getting sound out of the planta on my right foot. Some may see these shoes as flawed, but to me, these shoes are beautiful and I think they resonate fantastically when I’m doing footwork. It’s interesting how every pair of flamenco shoes I have provides a different sound. Each has their own personality, their unique pitch, and of course fit differently around my feet. I’m proud of all of my flamenco shoes and every time I buy a new pair I feel a skip in my giddy up! It’s an amazing, wondrous world when one has flamenco shoes. It’s even more amazing when I see extraordinary dancers excel as flamenco artists. So, if there were any moral to this story, it would be: If you are a flamenco dancer and you want to purchase a pair of flamenco shoes, seek out extraordinary flamenco dancers, watch them, get inspired and then buy a pair and wear your heart out of them! Note: I’ve also purchased several Gallardo Shoes direct from Madrid at: www.gallardodance.com. I’ve purchased several Menkes Shoes in Sevilla, Spain. Their website: www.menkes.es.

March Adventures

March 23, 2008

March… Explore, adventure and discovery. My 2008 has been busy. None stop!! But, I’ve been enjoying the tempo of March. The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix, I’ve been home more and have had the opportunity to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and try some different things. I just went rock climbing the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have rock climbed in the past, but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve thrown caution to wind and hoisted myself up onto a wall filled with geometrically proportioned rocks, perfectly designed to challenge my agility and strength. I’m overcoming my fear of heights! My dance schedule has been quite enjoyable, but I’ve been feeling a strong desire a change up the routine. The rock climbing excursion was surprisingly a super-pleasurable outing that provided an excellent workout. I went to Climbmax located in Tempe, Arizona. Check them out: http://www.climbmaxgym.com. It’s an impressive sight to see, friendly environment and helpful employees. Two thumbs up, baby! Some other new areas of self-discovery…. All Natural Peanut Butter! It’s healthy, nutty and quite filling. I highly recommend it if you are not allergic and seeking a nutritious meal. Have it with a banana. You can call yourself nutty or fruity. Either way, you’d be right. And once again, it’s all about exploration, adventure and discovery!


March 20, 2008

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March 19, 2008

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