I just recently watched the movie, ‘The Way,’ directed by Emilio Estevez and the starring role played by his father, Martin Sheen. The premise of the movie is of a father who loses his son and goes on an unexpected adventure, taking the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela.  It’s a beautiful movie and one that I highly recommend. ‘Thank You‘ by Alanis Morissette is featured in the film. I had heard the song years ago and upon hearing it again I was taken aback by it’s beauty. I had to post. Enjoy.


Lena Jácome

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Instead of focusing my attention on paying taxes today I am going to enjoy some great music by Harry Belafonte, ‘Shake Senora’. It’s one of the theme songs from the movie, ‘Beetlejuice’. Enjoy!


Lena Jácome

Pearl Jam: Just Breathe

April 12, 2013

‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam. Beautiful song. I thought that I would share on this lovely Friday.


Lena Jácome


This is my favorite Billy Joel song. I first heard this song while studying at New World School of the Arts. Jane Carrington was one of my modern dance teachers; she focused on the Jose Limon Technique. And though she was an excellent instructor, I was mostly touched by her choreographic talents. She choreographed a duet to this song. Although, I don’t remember exact movement phrases, I remember how emotionally stirring the piece was. So, this song will always remind me of Jane Carrington and her inspiring choreography. It seems appropriate that this video is the live version with the applause at the end.


Lena Jácome

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From Silver City, New Mexico The Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble drove into El Paso, Texas to perform at the Abraham Chavez Theater on October 16, 2011.  Here are some images of our time there.

Detour to our nearest Target for a few mid-tour items.

Setting up in the Abraham Chavez Theater.

Mele Martinez.


Setting up.

Carolyn Holguin in her dressing room.

Steaming some costumes before the concert.

Warming up.

A darker image, but if you look you can see Casey in the background.

Sound check.

The quartet: from L to R: Kris Hill, Adrian Goldenthal, Chris Burton Jácome and Mele Martinez.

Outside my hotel window early the next morning.

On the road again.


Lena Jácome

The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performs in the prestigious La Guitarra California 2011 Festival.  A “Celebration of Guitar” is presented in La Guitarra California Festival including an outstanding lineup of internationally acclaimed artists culminating in concerts, masterclasses, lectures, and dozens of luthiers exhibiting their hand-made instruments.

Festival takes place September 9, 10, 11. Visit La Guitarra California for the full schedule of events.

This will be the classical guitar event for 2011!



Lena Jacome

Nashville, Tennessee

August 2, 2010

The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble just returned home from a fantastic time in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was my first experience in the city….And I loved it!!!  I loved the weather, enjoyed meeting the community and ate fabulous BBQ!  Below are a few pics!

For information on upcoming events and projects please visit:


Here are a few pics from Alma Performing Arts Concert held on Sunday, June 27th.  All images are courtesy of Alma Performing Arts.

With Martin.

With Olivia Rojas, Chris Jacome, Martin Gaxiola and Emerson Laffey.

Thank you to Alma Performing Arts for the images.  Her classes will resume in August.  Make sure to visit her website:

Alma Performing Arts

Noche Española

May 5, 2010

Join me for an evening of Flamenco dance & music at

Chandler Center for the Arts.

All proceeds benefit Brazos Abiertos.  Thank you to Alma Schnell of Alma Performing Arts for coordinating this wonderful event.

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