Bridget McBride

August 30, 2013

Sisters we come
from a place in the sea
When the Moon is full
we dance to be free.

~Bridget McBride



Lena Jácome

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Door Knob

The time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other’s welcome
and say, sit here. Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you
all your life, whom you have ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,
the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Derek Walcott (Love After Love)

Door 2


Lena Jácome

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She Danced

she danced

for the love she felt

the love she gave away

and the love she kept

Shiloh Sophia dancerPainting: Shiloh Sophia

she danced to free her spirit

and to free other spirits too

she danced in response to joy

and to process pain

she moved her body like her life depended on it

praying for love to come, for sadness to go

she danced for all the people

who can’t dance for themselves

she also taught others to dance

for justice, for truth, for possibility

for healing the broken-hearted

she danced to break the ties that bind

our women              our mothers

to bring awareness and healing

she danced to break open the hearts of

our men                    our fathers

to bring truth and compassion

to invite friendship and art

into the open spaces that the dance created

she danced to keep the flame of true love burning

she danced when she was too tired to walk


she danced between the worlds

she danced because a celebration calls for dancing

the twirl of skirts the rhythm of feet

the snapping and clapping the exultant inhale and exhale

she danced with lovers she danced with friends

she danced alone too because some nights

we all dance alone and because sometimes

dancing is all that can be done

she danced for the artists and musicians

and scientists and alchemists and midwives

and physicians and housewives and gas stationers

and waitresses and for all who work

too too hard for too too little

she danced for all the creators of invention

and those whose gift is just: To BE.

she danced to dislodge the caught gifts

struggling to get free in each of us,

she danced for the living and for the dead

in birth and in mourning

for peace, beauty and creative expression

she danced our prayers all the way to the Beloved

which isn’t so very far after all…

“shall we dance?”

asked the Creator of Dance itself

they danced until the sun came up

and this time

she didn’t have to lead.

     ~  Shiloh Sophia
Imagination Amanda image
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“She woke up one morning and realized that she could no longer be sad. It was then that she realized that the intent had not been for her to mourn her loss but to open up her heart, so that light could shine through once again. It was then that she found her soul joy that fear, doubt and anxiety had bound was not dead but waiting patiently for her to wake up. Being a woman is no small feat.”
~ Enitan Doherty-Mason

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Artwork by: Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado


Lena Jácome

These images are by artist Alison Mackie. She’s also the author of The Gypsy Chronicles. Alison is a pretty incredible talent. I enjoyed her book and I love these images —  so I had to post. I hope to travel to Spain this summer and these images remind me of Spain, flamenco and my love for both. The Festival de Jerez is taking place so it seems appropriate to add some letras por bulerías from that region.There’s a great resource where I found the below verses, along with a mountain of more flamenco letras. Please visit: Letras de Flamenco


Tengo una puerta en mi alma
que no necesita llave
yo la tengo siempre abierta
y no me la cierra nadie

( bulerías de jerez letra)


Cuando salga la luna
yo voy a verte
porque me alumbra el camino
gitana mia
pa yo quererte

( bulerías de jerez letra)


Cuatro pare francisco
cuatro del carmen
cuatro de la victoria
vaya que si, son doce frailes.

Era por eso
solito por eso
guarda los limones que tiene tu huerto

( bulerías de jerez letra)


Me tiraste un limón
que si ma dado en la frente
eso lo hace el amor
flamenquita los que sienten
ay que te quiero
te quiero te quiero
que de vergüenza
y no te lo peno

( bulerías de jerez letra)


Thank you for your inspiration, Alison Mackie and for sharing your artistry with the world.


Lena Jácome

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Getting ready & playing the waiting game before a Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble Concert in Carlsbad, New Mexico held on October 18, 2011.

Adrian Goldenthal, Chris Burton Jácome, Kris Hill, Martin Gaxiola


Casey Blake

Martin warming up and checking sound.

The theatre.

Martin and Casey.

Lena and Carolyn.

Up early the next morning. Sun is peaking out and we’re on our way to the next venue.


Lena Jácome

Sylvia Hardt Photography

April 1, 2010

My beautiful friend and talented photographer, Sylvia Hardt had an article written about her in The Glendale Examiner.  She posts several images of her amazing work and included me & Chris in her portfolio.  Thank you, Sylvia!

Hardt Photography – An Arizona Jewel

Hardt Photography
Hardt Photography
Sylvia Hardt

Amongst the cactus and the clay there is inspiration to be seen. Photographer Sylvia Hardt of  Hardt Photography has a love affair with her camera and her subjects. She is ambitious and has worked with  many clients right here in Phoenix ranging from Fashion to Flamenco Dancers to Lilies, Sylvia knows a thing or two about capturing a great shot.
A self-taught artist and always working on her craft, since 1998 Sylvia has worked with the most talented in the high fashion industry, including Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Jerry Hall, Heidi Klum and many more. Raised in Hamburg, Germany – Sylvia Hardt has enjoyed and experienced Arizona for the past 3 years falling in love and taking her best shot!

To read more and view a slideshow of her work: The Glendale Examiner

Sylvia Hardt Photography

Painting by Gisa David

I just returned home from an amazing trip to Bisbee, Arizona.  The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed in the ‘For the Love of Music’ Series on Saturday, March 27th & Sunday, March 28th.  I love Bisbee and it is always such a joy visiting and performing there.  I was very privileged to cross paths with a very talented artist: Gisa David – acupuncturist & painter.  She kindly took some images of the concert on Saturday evening and painted a wonderful piece inspired from the performance.  I am honestly beside myself.  The painting is absolutely beautiful and I’m honored that she would include me in her artistry. Thank you Gisa.

All photos courtesy of Gisa David.  Bisbee based acupuncturist & painter.

Dancing with the talented Martin Gaxiola.

Thank you once again to Gisa David for the wonderful images and beautiful painting.  What a fabulous and amazing time I had in Bisbee.  Thank you to the Bisbee Woman’s Club and ‘For the Love of Music Series’ for having the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble.  It was an honor.

I was fortunate to meet Pat Pollock Rhoads, an illustrator of bilingual children’s books.  She kindly allowed me to snap some shots of her brief sketches of the artists during the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble Performance at Bisbee Woman’s Club on Sunday afternoon.  Thank you so much to Pat for her kindness, as well as, Josephina and Joseph.  It was such a wonderful pleasure to visit with the three of you after the performance.

Chris Burton Jacome

Martin Gaxiola


Olivia Rojas & Lena

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