I’ve been traveling in and out of Phoenix over the past few months and I’ve fallen slightly behind in my blogging…..  ooops.  Thought I would post a few pics from my experience in South Dakota.  Below are images of the flamenco concert that took place at The Dahl on March 1st. All photos are courtesy of the talented Paschal Karl of Karl Creations.  Thank you so much, Paschal for sharing your artistry of photography with me!!




Chris Burton Jacome


The most fulfilling experience as an instructor is to see your students shine.  I taught a 4-day flamenco workshop at Barefoot Dance Studio in South Dakota which culminated in a final performance at The Dahl Center.  What a thrill it was to see them on stage.  I am just so proud of all the participants and I am still beaming with delight.  Once again, thank you to Andrea Shaefer of Barefoot Dance Studio for making the workshop possible.  If you are in the Rapid City Area, then make sure to visit Barefoot Dance Studios to see what other great classes and projects are being offered.


(Above) Andrea & Laurana Wong dancing por tangos.


In addition, Chris provided a 3-day guitar workshop.  Above are a few of Chris’ guitar students performing on stage. Ole!


I had just taught the 1st copla of Sevillanas the same day of the performance.  I’m dancing with Wiyaka; her first time taking dance classes and her first time dancing on stage!!!  Impressive!




Chris posing with a few of his students after the concert.




Thank you once again, to Paschal Karl of Karl Creations for the great photos.  Please visit Lena Jacome for upcoming performances and projects.

New York, New York!

September 23, 2008

I just returned from a fabulous trip to NYC. The concert with Calo Flamenco located at El Museo Del Barrio was an absolute success. Below are a few pictures regarding my time there.


Bernadette Gaxiola and I pose with the fabulous Omayra Amaya after a fantastic flamenco technique class.  Please visit Omayra’s Website for additional information on classes, workshops & upcoming performances.

Dinner with dancer, Julia Terrel & singer, Olivia Rojas at Yum, Yum Thai Restaurant.

Watching a phenomenal flamenco show at Xunta a few nights prior to the Calo Flamenco concert. Dancer – Martin Gaxiola, Singer-Chayito Champion, Guitarist-Chris Burton Jacome, Dancer-Bernadette Gaxiola and Dancer-Monica Herrera.

Chayito & Chris after their performance at Xunta.

My new friend and flamenco dancer, Jesus Munoz at Xunta after the flamenco show.

With my beautiful friend, former Calo Flamenco Dancer and amazing visual artist, Sara Hubbs. Check out Sara’s Website and her Flamenco Website. I love you, Sara!!!!

Rehearsing in El Museo Del Barrio prior to the Calo Flamenco Concert.

Phenomenal artists …and the three amigos during tech rehearsal.  Percussionist-Kris Hill, Bassist-Adrian Goldenthal & Guitarist-Chris Burton Jacome.

Chayito, Oliva and Chris backstage.

Awwww…. Que guapos!!

In the dressing room with dancers, Julia Terrel & Amalia Duran.

Snapping a shot of Casey in action during the lighting tech!!

Right before the concert with my beautiful friends, Julia, Bernadette & Molly.

After the concert at the cast party with Chris.

I had a fabulous time in NYC and I look forward to many more visits and adventures there in the near future.  I have to admit, it is nice to be home, sleeping in my own bed and drinking my own coffee.  There’s no place like home!  Please visit Calo Flamenco’s Website for more information on upcoming tour dates.

Excerpt from the original production, LEVANTO. CALO FLAMENCO, based in Phoenix, AZ, is the rising star in the U.S. flamenco scene. This dance and music ensemble keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its Broadway-styled presentations. Following the themes and elements of this traditional art form, CALO FLAMENCO’s unique and entertaining presentation style has gained critical acclaim from the press and audience members alike.

Calo Flamenco

Stop by tonight and catch an awesome show at Cezar’s!

I dance at the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ with Mosaico – a wonderful flamenco group. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with some very talented artists at this venue and crossed paths with a talented dancer by the name of Toni. We only worked on stage a few times but she has an exciting venture ahead of her as she is relocating to Madrid, Spain! Here are a few picks after the Saturday Night, April 12th Performance.

My First Gallardos!

March 25, 2008

My Gallardos


I love my flamenco shoes (I’ve acquired seven pairs, so far). I don’t intend to mislead you; when I first was exposed to flamenco I didn’t think the shoes were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But, I’m a changed woman!! I have a pair of Gallardo’s that I purchased a year and a half after I began studying flamenco. They were purchased through Flamenco Export at: www.flamencoexport.com. I ordered them a half size too big so I pasted some rubber fillers near the ankle curves of the shoes. They are beautiful and I love rehearsing in them. I had the bottom of the shoes re-soled and my friendly cobbler (he reminds me of the soup-nazi on Seinfeld) accidentally added a bit more thickness on one shoe than required so I really have to work and getting sound out of the planta on my right foot. Some may see these shoes as flawed, but to me, these shoes are beautiful and I think they resonate fantastically when I’m doing footwork. It’s interesting how every pair of flamenco shoes I have provides a different sound. Each has their own personality, their unique pitch, and of course fit differently around my feet. I’m proud of all of my flamenco shoes and every time I buy a new pair I feel a skip in my giddy up! It’s an amazing, wondrous world when one has flamenco shoes. It’s even more amazing when I see extraordinary dancers excel as flamenco artists. So, if there were any moral to this story, it would be: If you are a flamenco dancer and you want to purchase a pair of flamenco shoes, seek out extraordinary flamenco dancers, watch them, get inspired and then buy a pair and wear your heart out of them! Note: I’ve also purchased several Gallardo Shoes direct from Madrid at: www.gallardodance.com. I’ve purchased several Menkes Shoes in Sevilla, Spain. Their website: www.menkes.es.

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