I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jason Silva.  He’s a super-talented photographer based in Phoenix and I’m fortunate to have crossed paths with him.  Visit his website:  Silva Studios Photography.  I saw him briefly while performing at the Phoenix Art Museum’s Walkabout this past month.  Here are a few images from the CBJ Flamenco performance.  All images courtesy of Silva Studios Photography.  Thank you Jason!!

Dancing Sevillanas with Martin Gaxiola




My handsome hubby, Chris Burton Jacome





Kris Hill, Me, Chris Burton Jacome, Martin Gaxiola


Visit:  Silva Studios Photography to view more of his amazing images.  Thank you once again Jason!

The Whole Journey

February 4, 2011


I get asked often how I stay in shape.  All the exercise with flamenco dancing certianly helps keep me trim, but that’s only part of it.  My diet has had a huge impact on my ability to stay healthy and energized.  About 5 months ago I was fortunate enough to cross paths with an incredible nutritionist, Christa Orecchio.  I am taken aback by Christa’s knowledge & understanding of the human body and the foods that work best for each individual.  She’s thorough, honest and extremely precise.  If you or someone you care about is struggling with food allergies, chronic physical pain, even emotional stress then you may wish to consider contacting Christa.  Her website includes great recipes, articles regarding several health topics, etc. Vist her website at:

The Whole Journey

Photo Courtesy: Sylvia Hardt

The beautiful thing about Latin culture, is that it is always evolving without losing its connection to its traditions and rich history. Chris Burton Jácome is an example of how a musician creates contemporary music on traditions of Flamenco music. From influences such as Van Halen to directing a Flamenco Music group, it’s easy to see why Chris sees joy in all people and music. (Joyfully re-posted from our old blog archives)…. Read more on Bullfighter’s Cafe.

Thank you to Bullfighter’s Cafe for re-posting the article!!!

I performed with the CBJ Flamenco this past weekend at the Phoenix Art Museum’s Walkabout Event held on Sunday, January 30th.  Below are a few images taken courtesy of Nightfuse.com.

L to R: Kris Hill, Chris Burton Jacome, Me, Martin Gaxiola




After the performance.  Wow!!  It’s hard to believe how hot it was outside for January weather.  I’m still a bit sun burnt from the event.  We had a great time, though. Thank you once again to Nightfuse.com for the images.

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