I’m enthusiastically getting ready to take off to Rapid City, South Dakota, for both work and pleasure.  In the process I’ve come into contact with some great people and I will have the joy of teaching a 4-day flamenco dance workshop from Thursday, February 26th through Sunday, March 1st.  Please visit Barefoot Dance Studios for additional information regarding workshop details.  A special thank you to Andrea Muehl and Barefoot Dance Studios!!!


The above photo, courtesy of Amanda Manfredi, was taken many months ago at Kazimierz Wine Bar.  I’m so appreciative that Amanda stopped by that evening to take some images.  Kazimierz has a nice, intimate atmosphere, perfect for flamenco aficionados.   Amanda graced us with her time, energy and extraordinary talent and eye for capturing those special moments on stage. Please visit: Lena on Myspace for upcoming performances and projects.

What a delightful time.  On February 14th Blue Sky Wine Bar & Art Gallery hosted an intimate and entertaining evening of dinner, wine and flamenco!  The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed in this fabulous venue located in Carefree.  Artists included: Chris Burton Jacome – Flamenco Guitar, Kris Hill – Percussionist, Martin Gaxiola – Guest Dancer & Lena Jacome – Dancer.  Thank you to Doug Stavoe and his staff for including flamenco in his impressive space.    Thank you to all the friends that made it out to the event.   All photos are courtesy of Jim and Carolee Devere.  Thank you Jim and Carolee for all the wonderful photos!




Martin Gaxiola, Artistic Director of Calo Flamenco.


Having fun and dancing a little rumba with Katie Stavoe and her dance instructor.




Kris Hill – phenomenal & talented percussionist.



Jim & Carolee.  Hello you two!!


Once again, thank you to Doug Stavoe, Jim and Carolee Devere, our friends that attended and all the new friends made.  What a marvelous way to spend Valentine’s Day.

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