Flamenco Fiesta Fin de Verano in San Diego 2012

January 28, 2013

It never dawned on me that I didn’t share these images. I participated in the Fiesta Fin de Verano in San Diego, CA and had the opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful flamenco artists. Below are some images of my time there.


Photos with JM Courtesy of: Juliana Melnishki

Teaching Sevillanas the first day of the festival.


At La Gran Tapa the night before. Pictured with the beautiful and talented Reyes Barrios.




With my student, Heather, after a dance class.

3681_4472003886520_477145799_nPerforming at the festival.




Taking Yaelisa’s dance class. Loved it!


Lena Jácome

4 Responses to “Flamenco Fiesta Fin de Verano in San Diego 2012”

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  2. jmsabbagh said

    Hi Lena , my pleasure and thank you so much for your like on my post. Flamenco is a vivid music and reviving dance ,both body and soul soar in ecstasy . Have a wonderful weekend. Jalal Michael

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