Mutton dressed as Lamb

April 11, 2012

I got into Idaho Falls, Idaho last night from a concert in Elko, Nevada.  It was a 5 1/2 hour drive and after checking into my hotel room a few of us went to a local grocery store to get food for the next few days.

I purchased a package of couscous thinking I could use my microwave to cook in 5 minutes, which is absolutely amazing to me!  I got suckered into the package of ‘convenience’. Wow, 5 minutes!  Why have I not discovered this sooner.  Couscous normally takes me 15-20 minutes to cook at home on a stove top.  I blame my purchasing mistake on lack of food and sleep.

Upon arriving to my hotel I plop the concoction into my microwave and a few minutes later, Viola! Mutton dressed as Lamb... The item in my bowl really didn’t look like the couscous I’m familiar with.  Then…. yes, that’s right…. It’s then at that moment I looked at the side of the box and read the ingredients… precooked medium gran semolina.  Also contains wheat ingredients….  Mutton dressed as Lamb.

No, thank you!

I settled for an Ezekiel tortilla wrap with organic avocado, kale, and Applegate sliced turkey…. a better choice!


Lena Jácome


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