Twists and Turns
I may never know
the twists and turns
you have taken
on your path

I may never know
the dark nights
of your soul
or the irritants
that sourced your pearls
I may never know
the turmoil
you have endured
or the bliss
you have embraced
to become who you are
but I do know
these unknown parts of you
twisted and turned
in the great wheel of life
allowed you to lead me now
to the gates of the garden

for through you
I have learned
to embrace the turmoil
to endure even the bliss
of my life
as I work the irritants
into pearls of my own
And you may never know
the gratitude I feel
for the gifts you have given
because it cannot be conveyed
in a hug
or contained
in a “thank You”
but it will go with me
on all the twists and turns
of my own path
and it will grow with me
through all the years to come
in the garden
of my becoming

-Nick Leforce
Walking the Landscape of the Soul


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