T-Mobile SUCKS

November 20, 2015



I’m a female minority small business owner and I take pride in knowing that I run it with integrity. So, I’m always floored when I cross paths with a company, big or small, that doesn’t give a shit about it’s customers — ENTER T-Mobile.  I canceled my service with them in early September. It’s the latter half of November right now. Four phone calls later, I’m still being charged for services, it’s impossible to speak with a supervisor (they’re never available) and their Customer Relations Department (the department that sends me the bills) is a completely separate entity. The Customer Relations Department isn’t available to resolve any financial charges made in error, even though this entity has the final say. Just so you know, calling to cancel your service with T-Mobile is highly recommended, however there’s no guarantee that T-Mobile will stop charging you. Apparently, SWITCHING TO ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER isn’t enough to merit a cancellation, even though I was assured this was the easiest solution to discontinuing with T-Mobile (#TMobileSUCKS) . If you switch service providers, for which it would be OBVIOUS that you are no longer using their service, you WILL STILL BE CHARGED. Apparently CALLING TO CANCEL my service wasn’t enough either. I was on the Family T-Mobile Plan through Walmart. I paid ahead – a pre-pay monthly credit for the month I was going to use service. I did not receive a contract because it was a month-to-month arrangement. False advertising…. Four phone calls later I was informed by T-Mobile (#TMobileSUCKS) That I paid in arrears. I guess I paid for a month that I NEVER received service. I’ve found it difficult arguing with their absurdities.


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