Do you have a dream?
A sacred dream that wants to be lived out through you?
Is there an urge, an impulse, a desire
that is longing to be expressed?
What is it that wants to come forth?
What is it that is ready, waiting, calling?

~ Shiloh Sophia


Lena Jácome


Create no matter what. Believe me.
Don’t wait for inspiration to strike.
She takes too long and is quite fickle.
Don’t wait to be in the mood or to feel like creating.
The time to begin is of course now
right in the middle of the mood you hate
and the mucky-ness of the mundane.
Do it because it makes you more alive.
Do it because your soul can hear you
when you create. Because we need this.
Because beauty lives in expression.
Don’t wait for a better time.
This is the better time.
Shiloh Sophia grandmother was a rainforest paintingGrandmother Was A Rainforest – Shiloh Sophia

Shadow shiloh sophia

This quote was taken from painter and writer, Shiloh Sophia. Photograph was taken by good friend and talent Sylvia Hardt Photography.

Awakening the Artist Within

The artist‘s role in the transformation of human social and cultural sphere’s cannot be under-emphasized. It is the artist who recognizes and communicates both how things are and how they could be. This artist is not a small group of talented geniuses somewhere ‘out there.’ The potential for powerful creativity and expression lies within each of us.

As our skills develop and we master our chosen crafts, our innate artistry expresses itself more frequently and effectively. Like the bird who was born to sing, the rose bud destined to flower, we were each born with the potential to assist in the creative transformation and healing of our world.


Creative Systems Thinking69048_411663915598072_1053447140_n



Lena Jácome

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