My good friend, Scott Kettner, will be performing with his group, Nation Beat at Musical Instrument Museum.  The theatre is gorgeous and Nation Beat is amazing.  You definitely don’t want to miss this talented troupe.

Nation Beat

Wed 04/28/10 – 7:30pm
Tickets – $25-$30
Nation Beat fuses music from the southern United States and northeast Brazil, producing an adventurous and colorful new sound.

To purchase tickets visit:

Which nation, and which beat? What makes this group special is that it offers no simple answers. Nation Beat are rhythm gatherers, harvesting the fruit of 500 years of cultural crossbreeding, which is why the sounds of the northeast of Brazil and the southern United States blend together so seamlessly.

At the heart of their newest album, Legends of the Preacher, lies a totally original 21st century fusion between thunderous Brazilian maracatu drumming and New Orleans second line rhythms, Appalachian-inspired bluegrass music, funk, rock, and country-blues. Their explosive live show — which is frequently known to burst into crowd-wide Carnaval-style drumming and singing — is attracting music fans from a wide demographic: bluegrass and country music fans, Brazilian music lovers, outdoor festival-goers, and pretty much anyone who loves to dance and loves great music.

For more information about Nation Beat, visit

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