Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you well.  I am contacting you today regarding an exciting opportunity for my husband and flamenco guitarist, Chris Burton Jácome.  Chris won the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Category.  WOOT WOOT!!  In order to win the Lennon Award he needs your vote! I am asking for your time and energy in helping Chris win….  Please follow the instructions below and cast your vote once a day until April 26th. And please feel free to forward this email on to anyone that you think might help out. I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate your time. (It doesn’t take but 2 minutes total including registering your email, waiting for the confirmation and then voting.)   ~ My sincerest gratitude & appreciation, Lena Jácome


Chris Burton Jácome’s song “Ritmo-Canix” from his latest CD, LEVANTO, has


in the

John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Category!!!

I think this calls for a HUGE “¡Olé!!!”

Now, with your help, “Ritmo-Canix” could win the Lennon Award!!

Ritmo-Canix” is now competing in a head-to-head online voting battle to become the Lennon Award Winner for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest World Music Category! The song that receives the highest number of votes in its category will be declared the LENNON AWARD WINNER for that category!

Again, the voting starts Monday March 28th, 2011.  Anyone can vote once a day starting on March 28th, 2011 and ending on April 26th, 2011!

To vote for “Ritmo-Canix”, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Cast Your Vote” then scroll down and choose the “World Category” (lower left)
  3. You MUST register your email address (sorry about that!)
  4. They (JLSC and Sonicbids) will send you an email and you must click on the link in that email to start actually voting.
  5. That link takes you to the “Email Address Confirmation” Page
  6. IMPORTANT: you must then follow the “Please click here to continue” link.
  7. CRUCIAL: Scroll down to the “WORLD” Category (lower left) and select “Chris Burton Jácome ‘Ritmo-Canix’”.
  8. Give yourself a big hug from me, because I am so very thankful for your vote and your efforts!
  9. Have a beautiful rest of your day.

10. Please repeat steps 1-9 daily until April 27th, 2011.

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