August 25, 2011

C O M I N G  S O O N

Flamenco!‘ Book Release is coming in the fall.
Inspirational book of quotes comprised of captivating CBJ Flamenco Ensemble rehearsal and performance images by Tucson-based Sergio Photographer. Design by the very gifted Heath Cox of Cox Studios Inc.

400_WEB vERsion


Lena Jacome

Every morning my process is: I get out of bed from my evening slumber, put on a sweatshirt (because I’m normally cold – even in July – in Phoenix), fill up a 32 oz. container of water that I will hopefully consume prior to my first and fantastic cup of coffee, pull my hair back into a ponytail & turn on my computer. I go into my inbox and there waiting for me is an email from Foundation for a Better Life. Their link: www.forbetterlife.org. It’s normally the first email I open up. I tend to be half asleep, but I can hear the birds chirping away outside and my enthusiasm builds…. and I read the quote of the day and I’m inspired! What a great business. This is a wonderful feature that Foundation for a Better Life offers. They are just spreading kindness in the world through the power of email. It’s absolutely wonderful, fabulous, SENSATIONAL!! I generally keep a various amount of inspiring thoughts & happy affirmations posted in various locations of my house and in my car. It’s a great way to continuously feed the positive vibrations to my brain! In addition, I find myself constantly inspired by the people in my life. This truly is a magical world!

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