La Guitarra 2011

September 15, 2011

The CBJ Flamenco Quartet had a phenomenal time performing in the Spanos Theater at Cal Poly Performing Arts Center as part of La Guitarra Festival 2011 in San Luis Obispo, California.  The prestigious La Guitarra Festival is an AMAZING three -day classical guitar festival comprised of guitar concerts, master classes and more. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an incredible group of artists.


CBJ Flamenco Quartet: Posing with Chris Burton Jacome, Jesus Montoya & Martin Gaxiola

With Martin Gaxiola

Chris & our wonderful friend Joe S.

Chris with the legendary Pepe Romero & the AMAZING flamenco singer, Jesus Montoya.

Cal Poly Performing Arts Center

Chris at Cal Poly Performing Arts Center

A quick snapshot with Chris before attending a solo concert by Ana Vidovic.

Some photos of our drive through California.

I get told quite frequently that I’m a lucky person and I agree 100%.  I am continually surrounded by amazingly gifted artists and amazing people!  It was such a pleasure working with these three incredibly talented flamencos: 

Guitarist, Chris Burton Jacome, Cantaor, Jesus Montoya, Bailaor, Martin Gaxiola.

Thank you to Russ De Angelo and La Guitarra Festival California. The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble will be touring throughout New Mexico, Texas & California in October.  Make sure and visit my website for upcoming projects, workshops and performances.


Lena Jacome

I just returned home from a great trip to Tucson & Bisbee with the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble.  What a wonderful time!!!  The below images are courtesy of photographer extraordinaire, Bob Block.  Thank you Bob for the AMAZING images of the concert at Vail Theater of the Arts.


From L to R: Adrian Goldenthal, Chris Burton Jacome, Mele Martinez


L to R: Bernadette Gaxiola, Me, Kris Hill, Adrian Golenthal, Chris Burton Jacome





Beautiful image of Bernadette dancing her solea por bulerias


Wonderful dancer Jason Martinez dancing por tientos



Mele’s beautiful voice.



fiesta por bulerias



After the concert


What a fabulous time!!

Thank you to Vail Theater of the Arts and to Bob Block for capturing such incredible photos of the concert that evening.



While in Nashville, the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed on Saturday, July 31st in Ingram Hall on Vanderbilt University Campus.  Below are a few pictures during rehearsal and sound check.  All photos are the courtesy of Kristofer Hill.

Adrian Goldenthal & Kris Hill

With Martin, Chris & Olivia in a rehearsal space.

With Bernadette & Martin Gaxiola.

Adrian, Chris & Olivia during sound check.

Chris & Martin.

Visiting in the foyer.

Adrian, Olivia Rojas & Chris Jacome

Thank you for the images, Kris!!!!!

Ingram Hall is a beautiful theater.  Did I mention that I loved, loved, loved the weather.  I’m looking forward to more adventures ahead.

Nashville, Tennessee

August 2, 2010

The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble just returned home from a fantastic time in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was my first experience in the city….And I loved it!!!  I loved the weather, enjoyed meeting the community and ate fabulous BBQ!  Below are a few pics!

For information on upcoming events and projects please visit:

Palm Springs, California

July 15, 2010

I just returned home from a very enjoyable trip to Palm Springs, California.  The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed in the Annenberg Theater in the Palm Springs Art Museum.  What a beautiful theater, a wonderful audience and the friendliest staff.  Below are a few pics!

Annenberg Theater

Outside Palm Springs Art Museum


After the concert with Martin, Olivia & Bernadette

Adrian & Emerson

Bernadette & Chris

Martin jumping in the photo — of course! 🙂

Thank you to the Palm Springs Art Museum!!! We had a blast!

CBJ Flamenco Ensemble at
Palm Springs Art Museum’s Annenberg Theater

As part of the Free 2nd Sundays Series

When: Sunday, July 11, 2010
Where:101 Museum Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
phone 760.322.4800

Concert Time: 3pm
Open to the Public

Photo Courtesy: Sylvia Hardt Photography

Chris Burton Jácome is one of the most in-demand flamenco guitarists in the US. Rarely is an artist capable of touching the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. Chris studied flamenco in Sevilla, Spain where he learned how to accompany flamenco dance and singing from the best-known names in Spain. Joining Chris for this performance will be flamenco singer Olivia Rojas and flamenco dancers Martín Gaxiola, Bernadette Gaxiola and Lena Jácome with percussionist Emerson Laffey and bassist Adrian Goldenthal. Chris’ group is one of the most innovative and inspiring new acoustic flamenco groups in the USA.

These AMAZING images are courtesy of my wonderful friend & talented photographer, Shari Robbins of

The ‘LEVANTO’ CD Release Concert with Calo Flamenco held at Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, May 2nd, was performed to a SOLD OUT Theatre!  Everyone who attended the concert received a signed, ‘Levanto’ CD that was included with their ticket purchase.

Chris Burton Jácome

Kris Hill

Calo Flamenco

Martín Gaxiola

Olivia Rojas & Chris

Martin & Bernadette Gaxiola

Dancing with Molly Thomas

Chris Burton Jácome

(From L to R) Molly Thomas, Kris Hill, Jennifer Mayer, Adrian Goldenthal, Martin Gaxiola, Chris Burton Jácome, Olivia Rojas, Vanessa Lopez, Lena Jácome, Bernadette Gaxiola

Thank you once again to our dear friend & talented artist, Shari Robbins,  Thank you to Chandler Center for the Arts and to all the fans for making the concert so memorable.  Calo Flamenco will be performing at Chandler Center for the Arts on September 19th.  You won’t want to miss it!!!

This great article just came out yesterday in the Arizona Republic written by Jennifer McClellan.  The Levanto CD Release Concert takes place at Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, May 2nd at 3pm.  Chris Burton Jácome & Calo Flamenco will be performing.  Tickets are on sale for $25.00 and include a signed CD with your ticket purchase.  Get your tickets while they last!!!!

Arizona Republic Article written April 28, 2010. 'LEVANTO' CD Release Concert at Chandler Center for the Arts on May 2nd

Steve King Photography

April 17, 2010

Steve King, Phoenix based photographer was kind enough to take some images during the Pangean Orchestra at Symphony Hall on April 11th.  What a great concert, by the way.  To learn more about Steve, please visit his website: Steve King Photography.  Thank you, Steve!!

From L to R: Emerson Laffey, Kris Hill, Eric Zang, Adrian Goldenthal, Lena, Chris Jacome & Olivia Rojas

For information on upcoming concerts & projects please visit:  Thank you once again to Steve King Photography!

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