Chris Burton Jácome

with Calo Flamenco at Chandler Center for the Arts

Sunday, May 2nd
Time: 3pm
Where: Chandler Center for the Arts
250 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler Arizona

Tickets: Please visit: Chandler Center for the Arts
$25.00 Tickets includes a signed CD.  This performance will sell out. 

Join Chris Burton Jácome and Calo Flamenco for an intimate and unforgettable evening of music and dance at Chanlder Center for the Arts.  Chris eleases ‘LEVANTO’ – The first ever CD of its kind producted in the US: ‘Levanto’ is a culmination of work in collaboration with Calo Flamenco: Ballet de Martin Gaxiola, a professional flamenco repertory company based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  Encapsulated in this brilliant CD is raw emotion, including rhythmical footwork, mesmerizing vocal harmonies and innovative melodies; a reflection of the bymbiotic working relationship shared between Chris Burton Jácome and artistic Director, Martin Gaxiola.

“Levanto” is a celebration of culture; the culmination of all the richness of pure flamenco mixed with Chris Jácome’s unique musical perspective.  Chris Burton Jácome’s CD “Levanto” will challenge and excite your thoughts about this gypsy art form while creating a superior audio experience that will leave you feeling inspired and energized. “Levanto is fabulous flamenco that can stand alongside any created in Spain or by those inspired beyond its borders.”World Music Central

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