Flamenco! Coffee Table Book

December 14, 2011

Flamenco!  Coffee Table Book

Flamenco! is a compelling artistic creation as seen through the lens of Arizona-based, Sergio Photographer.  You will be moved by the captivating passion and striking intensity that The Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble conveys as Sergio Photographer captures the elegant twists and turns, the vibrant exhilaration and profound shadows of this innovative and inspiring new flamenco group based in the USA.

*** Included for a limited time is a downloadable CD of Chris Burton Jácome‘s album, “Flamenco” with each purchase.  It will serve as an excellent soundtrack while you peruse all 120breathtaking pages with inspiring & motivational quotes alongside rehearsal & performance flamenco photography by Award-Winning photographer SERGIO.   Soft Cover.

If you would like the book(s) signed by me & Chris then please include that in the “notes” area when ordering.
You may also specify who you would like it dedicated to.

Please visit my Boutique to order. $39.95 includes shipping within the U.S.

What people are saying:

I have taken this Sunday morning to sit and go through your wonderful book.  The quotes are so uplifting and astounding.  As I read the quote from Schweitzer – about when the light goes out and is rekindled by another person I thought of you.  You have given me that spark.  I know I am old and past physical means to spark but I will share your spark in my way as life moves on.

Thank you so much for your art, talent, and this wonderful book.

Charlotte B.
Moro Bay, CA


[Flamenco! Coffee Table Books] they are beautiful – loved seeing the behind the scenes photos!

Mary L.
Mesa, AZ


“… tastefully done. As you know, a picture is often worth a thousand words, but many of the brief quotes in the book are also worth a thousand words.  In some ways, each page is a new world.”

Andy D.
Fairbanks, AK


Click Here
to order. $39.95 includes shipping within the U.S.


The Flamenco Night at the Museum performed at the Phoenix Art Museum on November 30, 2011 and sponsored by the Latin American Art Alliance was a HUGE success, an AMAZING concert with The Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Enemble featuring FlaMéxico with Olga Flores and Sal Gallegos!!!

Below are some incredible images taken by Felipe Ruiz Photography. Thank you to Latino American Art Alliance, Liz HernandezFelipe Ruiz Photography and Chris Burton Jácome.

Bernadette Gaxiola

Two of Bernadette’s students dancing a tangos: From L to R:  Esmé and Elise.

I love this photo!

Besides being a fantastic flamenco guitarist, Chris Burton Jácome happens to be a talented singer.  I just assume most people know this about him.  Also in the background is another great talent, Sal Gallegos, who sang the introduction to my piece.

Martin Gaxiola

Thank you once again to Liz Hernandez, the Latin American Art Alliance, Felipe Ruiz Photography and Chris Burton Jácome.


Lena Jácome

The Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble comes together with Mariachi talents, Olga Flores and Sal Gallegos for FlaMéxico on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 6:30pm at the Phoenix Art Museum.  For more information and to purchase tickets please visit:



Lena Jácome

The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed in the beautiful Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California on Sunday, October 23, 2011.  This was my first visit to Sacramento and I fell in love with the city.  We had a fabulous concert that day and a memorable time.  I can’t wait to return back to the amazing city.

The lighting was a bit dim, so the images are a bit unclear, but you get the idea.  Photos were taken during our tech rehearsal prior to the concert.

Casey taping up the floor.

Mele & Bernadette waiting.

Sound check


More sound check

More waiting

Warming up before the concert.

Chris with long time friend Jarad.

Good Times!


Lena Jacome

The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble performed at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, California on Friday, October 21, 2011 to a great audience.  Here are a few images prior to the concert that evening.

Me and Bernadette Gaxiola in the dressing room during tech rehearsal.

With my hubby right before the concert.

After the concert the group went out for a late dinner!  Here are some pics.

L to R: Lena Jacome, Casey Blake, Bernadette Gaxiola, Martin Gaxiola, Emerson Laffey, Adrian Goldenthal & Mele Martinez

Adrian is daydreaming again….


With my wonderful friend, Casey Blake.

Mele, Chris & Casey enjoying dessert.

Mele & Chris

Photo op outside after dinner.

Song that popped in my head, “We like the cars… the cars that go boom”

On the road again.

There are no words to express….


Lena Jacome

I just returned home from a great trip to Tucson & Bisbee with the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble.  What a wonderful time!!!  The below images are courtesy of photographer extraordinaire, Bob Block.  Thank you Bob for the AMAZING images of the concert at Vail Theater of the Arts.


From L to R: Adrian Goldenthal, Chris Burton Jacome, Mele Martinez


L to R: Bernadette Gaxiola, Me, Kris Hill, Adrian Golenthal, Chris Burton Jacome





Beautiful image of Bernadette dancing her solea por bulerias


Wonderful dancer Jason Martinez dancing por tientos



Mele’s beautiful voice.



fiesta por bulerias



After the concert


What a fabulous time!!

Thank you to Vail Theater of the Arts and to Bob Block for capturing such incredible photos of the concert that evening.



Article by David Sanders of the Arizona Daily Star

Posted: March 10, 2011

Photograph: David Sanders

Vail Theatre of the Arts played host to an evening of festive movement, from the rhythmic tap of metal-soled shoes to the fluid motion of a red dress to the blur of a guitarist’s fingers and chants of “Olé!”

Welcome to flamenco music presented by the Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble. The seven-member group performed Friday for 200 people at the theater, on the campus of Empire High School at 10701 E. Mary Ann Cleveland Way.

Warming up backstage beforehand, Chris Burton Jácome, a University of Arizona School of Music graduate, said he was glad to be back home, having performed in the United States and Canada for the past seven years.

“We try to perform in Tucson about once a year,” said Jácome, who studied flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. “It’s always great for me because I’m a native of Tucson and it’s always great to come home and play for family.”

The ensemble is made up of percussionist Kris Hill, bass player Adrian Goldenthal, singer Mele Martinez and dancers Jason Martinez, Bernatte Gaxiola and Jácome’s wife, Lena Jácome.

Photograph: David Sanders

Together they perform about 200 shows a year in North America.

Having a show of this caliber is a great asset to the theater in Vail, said theater director Bonnie Vining.

“We bring in four to six shows a year that are professional, world-class shows,” she said.

The theater brings in professional performers for two reasons – to make money to help fund the theater, and to provide cultural opportunities on the southeast side.

“School budgets have been cut and we are the district theater for the Vail Unified School District, and there are a lot of costs in managing and maintaining the theater for those other 150 shows a year,” said Vining, who said area high schools stage performances at the theater and groups rent it out as well.

The mostly older crowd enjoyed the two-hour performance, especially getting the chance to yell out “olé” every few minutes.

“What’s nice about flamenco is that every show is different so there is a lot of improvisation in what we do,” Jácome said. “We don’t know what we are always going to do, so it provides us that opportunity to feed off the audience and create something special.”

He added, “It’s always great and exciting, but sometimes it’s a little spicier, sometimes it’s a little sweeter.”

In that case, it was candy for the eyes and ears Friday night.

Photograph: David Sanders

Contact photographer David Sanders at 573-4155 or dsanders@azstarnet.com


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