Here’s a brief video clip of my performance with the Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Ensemble at the Phoenix Art Museum sponsored by the Latin American Art Alliance in November 2011.  This is part of a flamenco dance in the palo of tientos.  The evening included  flamenco dance and music with a fusion of Mariachi music from where, Chris Burton Jácome’s brainchild, ¡FlaMéxico! was born.


Lena Jácome

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I had the wonderful privilege of crossing paths with so many talented individuals at the Phoenix Art Museum’s 50th Anniversary Celebration held as a First Friday Event on December 4th.  There were an exceptional line up of musicians that performed. Each half hour new performers took the stage creating a provocative mix of house music, jazz, bass instruments and flamenco.  The  images is courtesy of Jason Silva Photography.  Make sure to visit his website at Silva Studios Photography to view more of his amazing work. Thank you, Jason, and thank you to the Phoenix Art Museum and flamenco guitarist, Jon Bañuelos!  Great night!

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