Kahlil Gibran

September 20, 2013

I love you when you bow in your Mosque,
kneel in your Temple, pray in your Church.
For you and I are of one religion, and it is the Spirit.

~ Kahlil Gibran



Lena Jácome


2 Responses to “Kahlil Gibran”

  1. jmsabbagh said

    Great post Lena, Khalil Gibran was a gifted Lebanes American thinker .l studied his books specially the prophet. Mahatma Gandhi had the same philosophy but the one who assassinated him was Judas Iscariot. Its not where man pray or how he prays. , Its what are your deeds. My regards .Jalal Michael

    • lenajacome said

      Thank you for sharing this information Jalal. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I post many quotes that inspire me, so learning more about these great thinkers inspires me even more. I couldn’t agree with you more – good deeds and loving actions are a direct reflection of the kindness and good will within us. Respectfully, Lena

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