Raising Vibrations

July 31, 2013

Too often we believe because someone is family or a close friend that we have to hang in there, allowing them to dump their anger, self-centeredness, and emotional unconsciousness onto us. We feel this is how we love them. That it is our duty not to rock the boat.

Wrong! Over the course of my life I have set countless boundaries with family and friends. I learned that loving another person is not about allowing them to abuse us. Love always seeks to bring a higher, wiser level of awareness than what created the negative situation in the first place. Yes, it is challenging because boundaries shine a light on wounded, negative dynamics. But to love both ourselves and other people we must accept the truth that if we do not establish limits then we are enabling those who treat us badly to continue to do so.

Our families are intended to be an important area of safety, support and love. Families are the first area in which we need to set and maintain healthy boundaries. If we do not then we are teaching our children that mistreatment, disrespect, and even abuse are okay. And none of these is ever love.

Raising Vibrations



Lena Jácome

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