Don Diego de Sachavacay

July 24, 2013

If we don’t learn to be humble, we will experience great fear at the moment of our death. Everybody wants to be a big tree. Everyone wants to be the biggest tree, the tree that has more money, or the tree that knows more about this, or the tree that has done more of the other. When the hurricane comes, all the trees can fall down. When the hurricane comes, if the power of the wind is strong enough, the trees will fall down. But the grass, which is something that everyone steps on, remains the same. It doesn’t change at all because of the big storm. Spirituality is understanding the power of the grass, understanding the power of the smallest, and becoming closer and closer to this essence, and letting go more and more of our personality.
-Don Diego de Sachavacay

tree grass


Lena Jácome

One Response to “Don Diego de Sachavacay”

  1. sally forth said

    this man and his henchmen are horrible to do an aya experience with. I count my time with them as one of the worst mistakes and biggest traumas of my life. the people who work for him are wicked mean spirited jailor who will stand over you while you are in pain and not breathing and insist that you sit up straight and follow all of their puritanical rules. they were not peruvian, they were fucking hindu practitioners. and they had 50 shitting vomiting people in pain they were lording it over. soon after my retreat he bought a huge estate in spain. because he is there to make money for his own self.

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