Caroline Myss ~ Healing

June 17, 2013

We are not meant to stay wounded. We are supposed to move through our tragedies and challenges, and to help each other move through the many painful episodes of our lives. By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation. We overlook the greater gifts inherent in our wounds ~ the strength to overcome them and the lessons that we are meant to receive through them. Wounds are the means through which we enter the hearts of other people. They are meant to teach us to become compassionate and wise.

Caroline Myss



Lena Jácome

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7 Responses to “Caroline Myss ~ Healing”

  1. karmami said

    wonderful message

  2. I am familiar with her writing and she is a powerful writer so thanks for posting for all to read! I love her idea of woundedness being a conduit of compassion if we allow it. How true, how true that we are meant to be healed and experience this life whole…surrendering to Divine love, to our soul’s wisdom, could save us so much pain. Lovely offering today.

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