100% Committed

January 16, 2013


“I am 100% Committed to this.”  — I learned this exercise from a good friend and mentor. I have found that it has helped me in all facets in life. I especially think of this phrase when I’m in the middle of a difficult conversation with someone or I have had a long day of work and there is still more to go.


With regards to work, I remind myself that I chose the work and schedule I have. I remind myself that my present moment is where I ‘want’ to be and I focus on remaining fully committed and fully aware so that I can contribute my full self. Telling myself that I am 100% committed to something reminds me that I am fully accountable for my actions. It has changed a tiring situation into a situation that is inspiring to myself and others…. It has turned my lemons into lemonade.


Lena Jácome

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