Gala Latina Blanca 2012, Jakarta

November 18, 2012

“…A great gift has been made to each and every one of us – the privilege of living in the world for a short span of years and the opportunity of doing our part to help the less fortunate; to improve civilization; to advance knowledge, both the scientific knowledge of men and the wisdom which is from above. The gift of human life and the opportunity which is ours to serve others… should be regarded as a sacred trust.”  — George Pepperdine

The main purpose for my trip to Jakarta was to perform and participate in the Gala Latina Blanca 2012 Charity Event organized by President of the Ibero-American Association, Alma Schnell.

Posing with Alma Schnell and Chris Burton Jácome

The event was a major success and I’m so proud to have been included in such an inspiring event. Also performing in the event were the children of Pondok Taruna, a local orphanage.

Alma rehearsing with the kids during tech.

Alma Schnell had volunteered her time with these kids over the past year.

Backstage before the performance.

Posing with all the performers that evening.

Throughout this entire trip, the most profound experience for me was my time with these beautiful kids. I’m forever changed and incredibly grateful for the experience.


Lena Jácome

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    Who would have guessed that we’d have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world and spend time with these wonderful people?

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