October 1, 2012

I just got out of a yoga class. The instructor bid the students a warm good bye and mentioned how the energy in the class was so wonderful. My perception of this comment focused more on the energy I felt while practicing. This happens to me often and I don’t know if others find that they reach a spiritual connection with yoga. I definitely do.

I’m referring to something deeper than the increased optimism, centering and balance. Sometimes a cleansing feeling and overall sense of peace will emanate from within. However, the sensations to this became more profound.

I began experiencing something deeper maybe about two years ago. Sometimes at the end of class I felt as if my spirit is floating. As with today, I felt an increased vibration in my system as soon as I seated myself on my mat. I had a tingly sensation as I sat quietly with the class and at one point the energy began to build through my spine and upper back and an overwhelming sense of energy from within took hold.

It may sound different and unfamiliar to some of you, but all I know is that I am experiencing this and the more that I experience it, the more I want it in my life.


Lena Jácome

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