Chaparral MusicFest – New Music Arizona Concert

September 18, 2012

I had the AWESOME opportunity to perform at the New Music Arizona Concert by the Chaparral MusicFest in Prescott on September 10th. It was a special concert for me because I was asked to dance to a new musical piece composed by Chris Burton Jácome and I was also asked to perform a piece that I had not danced in many years. The piece is entitled, ‘Conquistador’ or Conqueror. For those familiar with flamenco, it is a Farruca. I danced this piece with Calo Flamenco and the Artistic Director of that company, Martín Gaxiola had set the choreography while Chris set the music. The piece (footwork and all) is captured on Chris’ CD ‘LEVANTO‘.

Photo with Calo Flamenco performing ‘Conquistador’.

Needless to say, it was an honor to perform this piece. It held special meaning for me, since I began my flamenco dance training and career with Calo FlamencoMartín Gaxiola being my first flamenco dance instructor and a mentor ever since. Much gratitude also to Chris for being an incredible mentor to me from the moment I put on my first pair of flamenco shoes!


Lena Jácome





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