Flamenco Fiesta Fin de Verano

September 7, 2012

I was in San Diego for a 3-day flamenco fiesta during Labor Day Weekend. I have much gratitude for Reyes Barrios, a very talented flamenco dancer and singer, who contacted me and Chris to partake in the Flamenco Fiesta Fin de Verano this year. It was truly a weekend I will never forget. I met a lot of fantastic flamenco artists, had the opportunity to teach workshops and perform. An incredible experience!

Some images are photographed by the talented: Juliana Melnishki & tagged JM

Teaching a Sevillanas Class.

Juliana Melnishki Photography

Juliana Melnishki Photography

Above photo taken by friend: Henrietta Hurtado

Above photo taken by Henrietta Hurtado

Taking class with the beautiful Yaelisa.

Enjoying some down time after class with my student, Heather.

Pit stop at Mexicali Tacos in El Centro, CA. Chris loves their burritos!!! So Good!


Lena Jácome

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One Response to “Flamenco Fiesta Fin de Verano”

  1. CBJ Music said

    Awesome time! Great photos, Lena!!

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