Staying Grounded

July 17, 2012


I travel quite a bit. If I’m home for a solid 2 weeks then I’m super excited about it. Now, I’m not complaining about traveling. Normally my travel is for work; to perform or teach and I LOVE my job.  But, home is my sanctuary. I can cook what I want to cook in my kitchen, my bed…. ahhhh… I love my bed. I quite simply love my home.

So, when I’m traveling, one aspect that I work on (because my mind runs at 100 miles a minute and I’m a constant daydreamer) is staying grounded. Several things that help with staying centered are mantras, meditation and one of my favorites, Yoga.

Reminiscent of ‘tree pose’ in yoga.

To you from me…Wishing you a beautiful week!


Lena Jácome





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