CBJ Flamenco Ensemble Performs in Chicago!

February 7, 2012

This past January was my first visit to Chicago as I performed with The CBJ Flamenco Ensemble at the Old Town School of Folk Music located in Lincoln Park.  The concert was held on January 25, 2012 to a packed house. Though my time in Chicago was brief, I fell head-over-heels with the city.  I can’t wait to visit Chicago again!

Martin Gaxiola & Casey Blake

Chicago Baby!!

As I took all these images of the city, my back seat neighbor, Emerson Laffey is giving me the 411 on the architecture, rich history and interesting facts about the city.

Passing Lake Michigan on our way to the hotel.

Just down the street from our hotel.

Brief, but enjoyable time resting in my hotel room. This is a pretty consistent ‘look’ of my shared hotel room with roomy, Casey Blake.  Her bed generally looks in order…. mine… not so much!

The dressing room.

Casey at the venue, making sure everything is in order.

With Chris getting a quick bite as the sound is getting set up.

Sound check.


A much needed dinner and my staple post or pre- performance meal: Steak and eggs

This was Chris’ after performance dinner.

I never saw the sun in Chicago.  This photo was taken on our way out the following day. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Chicago!


Lena Jácome

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