CBJ Flamenco Ensemble at Olney Central College, Illinois

February 6, 2012

I spent more time in Lancaster, Ohio with the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble, but somehow accumulated more photos during my brief visit to Olney, Illinois. I’m not sure how I managed to do that, considering I was only there for one full day and two nights!  Olney is known for their white squirrel, hence a few images of the white squirrel in action are included in this blog (images of all white squirrels are courtesy: Julia Chacón).

The theater.

Chris Burton Jácome

Chris & Meagan Chandler during sound check.

Awww. I love this photo.

In between two beautiful ladies: Flamenco dancer, Julia Chacón and flamenco singer, Meagan Chandler

I love this photo too!

Catching Casey Blake in action.

During the evening concert, held January 24, 2012 at Olney Central College. Sitting with amazing dancers, Martín Gaxiola & Julia Chacón. Performance images courtesy: Kevin Ryden.

Julia dancing her beautiful Soléa.

Pictured with two super-talented musicians:  Percussionist, Emerson Laffey and Bassist Adrian Goldenthal.

The beautiful Meagan.

I wish I had performance images of Martin Gaxiola to share.  It’s unfortunate that I don’t since he’s such an AMAZING dancer & performer.

Next stop is Chicago!!!


Lena Jácome

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