Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts

April 20, 2011

I had the wonderful privilege of performing with the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble in Rio Rico, Arizona presented by the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts on Sunday, April 17th.  It was a fabulous concert held in an intimate setting at Esplendor Resort.

I met Nancy Calhoun at the concert that day.  Nancy is a writer and poet based in Sonoita, Arizona.  The following is an excerpt written by Nancy entitled, “One Woman’s Dream”:

We just returned from the last of this season’s concert offerings by the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts. It was a program of flamenco guitar, song and dance by a trio of true artists, the Chris Burton Jácome Ensemble. I do not exaggerate when I call this a world class act. For nearly two hours, they performed with consummate skill and massive energy. It was beautiful, graceful and emotional. Even with the jack-hammering of heels on wood, it was clear that it was more than just folk dancing. It is a language with profound historic roots – one that communicates a sensual and deeply personal passion.

With the concert season at an end, I realize that I will miss these Sunday afternoon events, held for the most part in private homes and historic venues that have graciously accommodated us though not built for the express purpose of live musical performance. But I must acknowledge that it has really been one person who has created and nurtured a dream for this small county (Santa Cruz is Arizona’s smallest) to experience the same level of artistic performance that one might find in any big city.

To continue reading “One Woman’s Dream”,  and to learn more about Nancy’s writings and poetry please visit Nancy’s weblog.  To learn more about the Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts please visit: SCFPA

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