Flamenco at Old Town Artisans — Tucson, Arizona

December 1, 2009

The below images are courtesy of photographer, Christopher Wolff based in Tucson, Arizona during the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble Concert held at Old Town Artisans in Tucson, Arizona on October 30th.  It was a beautiful outdoor concert in the courtyard and it was absolutely wonderful to see so many friends and family in the audience.

CBJ Flamenco Ensemble (from L to R):  Kris Hill, Adrian Goldenthal, Chris Burton Jacome, Olivia Rojas

Chris & Olivia

Kris & Adrian

Amazing dancer, choreographer & instructor, Martin Gaxiola.



Thank you to Christopher Wolff for sharing your talents and taking such beautiful images of the concert!  For more information on upcoming events and projects please visit: www.lenajacome.com.

One Response to “Flamenco at Old Town Artisans — Tucson, Arizona”

  1. cbjmusic said

    Wonderful photos! We had such a great time that night, it was a truly magical evening! Thanks for taking the time to create this post Lena and a BIG Thanks to C. Wolff for taking these photos and capturing these memories for us.



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