Arte Y Pureza Workshop

August 1, 2009

Just returned home from a phenomenal workshop in San Diego held by the talented and amazing Arte y Pureza entitled “A Little Piece of Spain”.  It is always a great time and I always feel so welcomed by the community there.  Below are a few pics.


With two great talents: Ethan Margolis of Arte y Pureza and El Oruco.


Chris with amazing and beautiful flamenco singer Javier Heredia.

Cihtli Ocampo also taught at the workshop.  She is a phenomenal instructor and dancer.  Iseriously felt my lungs burning from the intensity of her classes.  It was awesome!


Hanging out at the beach and loving it!


With flamenco dancer Carlos Hernandez after classes.


Chris & I with El Oruco after his awesome class.


With the beautiful Marisol Apostol.  Make sure and visit her site at Flamenco Basics for flamenco classes, upcoming workshops and performances.


Sun and sand.  Aahhhhhhh………

Arte y Pureza performs around the globe and offers great workshops throughout the year.  Visit their site to learn more.


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