Flamenco Tablao at Kazimierz Wine Bar

July 6, 2009


L to R: Kris Hill – Percussionist, Olivia Rojas – Flamenco Singer & Chris Burton Jacome – Flamenco Guitarist

These photos were taken at Kazimierz Wine Bar located in old town Scottsdale:  Flamenco tablao every Sunday night from 10pm – Midnight with the CBJ Flamenco Ensemble.  Photos taken during the performance are courtesy of Julie Johnston Kaufman.  Thank you so much, Julie!  The remainder of the photos were taken after the performance, hanging out and having a great time!


Above Photo Courtesy: Julie Johnston Kaufman


L to R: Two great talents: Miguel Rodriguez – amazing flamenco guitarist & Gary Hostallero – amazing artist.  Make sure and visit Gary’s website: www.hostalleroart.shutterfly.com


Chris, indulging in cheesecake! Yum!


Kris Hill – Percussionist & Olivia Rojas – Flamenco Singer


Hostallero, Chris Burton Jacome & Miguel Rodriguez


Just a whole lot of silliness!


Pure silliness!


There’s nothing more enjoyable.


With the talented dancer, Tamara Sol.  Photo Courtesy: Julie Johnston Kaufman.

For performance updates please visit my website calendar.

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