Welcome to Alaska!!!

October 20, 2008

I just returned home from a fabulous trip with Calo Flamenco in Fairbanks, Alaska and Eugene Oregon.  I had the opportunity to view the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights.  I was also privileged to have dipped into the amazing mineral waters at The Chena Hot Springs….  Oh, and yes, the performances went superbly as well!!  It was a magical time and Alaska is breathtakingly beautiful.  Please visit Calo Flamenco for upcoming tour dates.

Welcome to Alaska

On our way to the juerga the evening after our arrival into Fairbanks.

During the juerga. (from L to R) Kris Hill, Chris Burton Jacome, Chayito Champion & Olivia Rojas.

Fabulous Photo!

The boys

During the juerga.

All the photos displayed in this post are courtesy of Kris Hill – percussionist extraordinaire.

Random photo opp…

Below:  The Hering Auditorium.

After the juerga we stopped by the theatre for a late night company tech rehearsal.

Rehearsing the night prior to the show.

October 10th was the concert date held in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Hering Auditorium.  It was a 14 + hour day, that included an afternoon lecture/demo, as well as, the evening concert.

If you look closely there are a lot of little people filling the seats at the afternoon lecture/demo/school performance.

Martin Gaxiola, Bernadette Gaxiola & Chizuko Swanson.

Martin Gaxiola during rehearsal.

Afternoon dress rehearsal.

Chayito & Chris.


An artsy-fartsy rehearsal photo!

Discussing pertinent information.

It’s a little chilly…. brrrrrrrr…

Warming up on stage a 1/2 hour before the doors opened with instructor/mentor, Bernadette Gaxiola.

Olivia Rojas, Chayito Champion & Chris Burton Jacome.

Dancing away backstage right before our evening concert in Fairbanks.

Chayito cracking a joke after the concert.  Ahhh… good times.

On our way to Delta Junction the following day.


Chena Hot Springs

At the magical Chena Hot Springs.

Departing the hot springs to attend a magnificent dinner party.

Salmon for dinner, prepared by Mr. Terry D.

What a meal!!


Thanks for the photos, Kris!

The Cast & Crew

On our way to Eugene, Oregon for some more flamenco fun.

Since returning it has been a whirlwind as busy season is into full swing.  I can’t tell what is up from down and if you ask me to turn right – well, there’s a high probability I’ll turn left!! As long as I have a sense of humor….


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