Bullfighter’s Cafe

August 15, 2008

Well we are in mid-August, can you believe it??? Time sure has flown by. It’s been a wonderful summer and now the busy season is in full swing. And I’m ready to go!!! You may be wondering if I have any news or interesting updates to share – of course! I always have updates. Please stop by the Bullfighter’s Café to check out the featured performer of the month. The handsome guy happens to be Chris Burton Jácome. His interview can be read on the On Stage Lounge Link. View his video to see Chris in action.

Chris’ Website

Thank you to Paul Martinez and Angel Aviles-McClinton of the Bullfighter’s Café, whose sole purpose is to showcase Latin creativity to the Internet community.


One Response to “Bullfighter’s Cafe”

  1. mediamojito said

    Lena, it is absolutely our pleasure! BTW
    The Lena Jácome Weblog IS NOT just another WordPress.com weblog! You and Chris bring beauty and passion to the world like few others. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.


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