San Diego Flamenco with Arte y Pureza!!

July 31, 2008

Arte y Pureza just held a fantastic 5-day flamenco workshop in San Diego. For more information regarding Ethan Margolis & Cihtli Ocampo, please visit: Arte y Pureza Website.

Chris & I had a phenomenal time!! The workshop was organized by Marisol Apostol. For more information regarding Marisol’s classes and workshops please visit: Marisol’s Website.
She also makes beautiful jewelry. Please visit: Marisol’s Jewelry Website

We met some wonderful flamencos while attending the workshop. We had an awesome time. Did I already mention that?? Well, below are some photos that were taken throughout our stay.

With the beautiful Marisol & Saray Montoya! I loved Saray’s class!!

Olivia, Lena, El Canastero & Chris at the Juerga.

In Saray’s class with two new friends: Alonia & Lisa.

Olivia’s sooo happy. She’s sitting next to El Canastero at the Juerga as Marisol dances some Tangos!

We’re bringing sexy back! From L to R (Ronald, Chris biting a pillow, Lena, Lisa & Olivia)

We’re still trying to bring sexy back!

Hanging out at the Juerga: Lena, Chris & Olivia

Chris, Marisol & El Canastero

Chris, Saray, Ethan, Cihtli, Marisol & El Canastero in Cante Class.

With the amazing and beautiful Saray Montoya.

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