Magnificent Chicks!

May 15, 2008

I got together with two friends of whom I worked with previously; Michelle & Chris. They are both doing wonderfully & it was so awesome getting together with them and catching up. One friend is a graphic designer extraordinaire & my other friend who used to be my boss is an amazing marketing director, manager… anything. Both women are exceptional human beings and talented, business-savvy individuals. As I sat there, I thought, “Magnificent….” I felt so honored to be sitting and sharing my time with them. One hour soon turned to three hours and it was beginning to get dark outside. I never thought that my previous job would provide me with so much wealth – as I see these ladies have had a huge influence on the way I manage my own business as a flamenco artist. I was quite taken aback as I sat there and came to this realization. On a separate side note: I don’t frequent Paradise Bakery & Café often but, I have to say their Ham & Brie Panini is quite impressive!

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