Lena’s Total Body Workout Recommendations

May 7, 2008

I get asked often about my diet & my exercise regime. My husband suggested I add a disclaimer to this so I will. But, before I do, I thought that I might share some personal dietary information with you. I call my diet, marriage. Yes, that’s right, marriage. Now, I am happily married and since I’ve been married I’ve lost weight and for the most part, kept the weight off. Did I anticipate this? No, not at all. But, what I do believe is that when a person smiles and laughs more somehow things will fall into place. I believe it is important to surround yourself around people that make you feel good. I have a lot of different friends. And overall, they are generally positive, upbeat individuals. I notice the more I enjoy the people I am with the more I attract other enjoyable people into my life. I’ve also noticed that as I’ve matured and have gotten to know myself better, the quality of the relationships in my life have improved. In addition to this, I try to drink a gallon of water a day and I do my best to stay away from sweets (as recommended by my chiropractor). I try to have a salad at least four or five times a week and I know if I increased my vegetable intake I’d probably have more energy than I do now, but I also have to say that I enjoy taking naps as it is one of my favorite hobbies. So, I guess it all balances out…. I suppose the flamenco dancing takes care of my exercise regime. Oh, the Disclaimer: Please seek the counsel of a medical practitioner before incorporating any of the above recommendations as it has been proven by the medical community that they are smart and know what they are talking about…. Unless, of course, they are wrong, and so then their suggestions are not recommended.

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