Coffee Mug: To Be or Not To Be, I Want to Know!

March 31, 2008

A strange occurrence has taken place in my house: I am missing a coffee mug. About six years ago I received as a birthday gift a set of four nicely sized coffee mugs. These mugs are larger than the other average size coffee mugs in my household. They’re special. I love coffee, by the way. I’ll drink coffee from other places, but my favorite coffee is the coffee I make at my house. It’s not extravagant; I drink instant coffee – Taster’s Choice. I mix ½ cup coffee & ½ cup half & half. It’s delicious. I generally drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. It’s wonderful! And I’m a little quirky because I drink only from these larger mugs & I generally won’t refill in the same mug. I finish my mug & grab another clean mug and make myself another. Anywho, I broke one of the set of the four mugs last month. Yesterday, I went to make myself a third cup of coffee – I’m missing a coffee mug. Where the hell did it go? I’m flabbergasted! I’m down to two now & I just really want to know the story behind the missing mug. It’s a conundrum (where the hell is it)?


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