My First Gallardos!

March 25, 2008

My Gallardos


I love my flamenco shoes (I’ve acquired seven pairs, so far). I don’t intend to mislead you; when I first was exposed to flamenco I didn’t think the shoes were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But, I’m a changed woman!! I have a pair of Gallardo’s that I purchased a year and a half after I began studying flamenco. They were purchased through Flamenco Export at: I ordered them a half size too big so I pasted some rubber fillers near the ankle curves of the shoes. They are beautiful and I love rehearsing in them. I had the bottom of the shoes re-soled and my friendly cobbler (he reminds me of the soup-nazi on Seinfeld) accidentally added a bit more thickness on one shoe than required so I really have to work and getting sound out of the planta on my right foot. Some may see these shoes as flawed, but to me, these shoes are beautiful and I think they resonate fantastically when I’m doing footwork. It’s interesting how every pair of flamenco shoes I have provides a different sound. Each has their own personality, their unique pitch, and of course fit differently around my feet. I’m proud of all of my flamenco shoes and every time I buy a new pair I feel a skip in my giddy up! It’s an amazing, wondrous world when one has flamenco shoes. It’s even more amazing when I see extraordinary dancers excel as flamenco artists. So, if there were any moral to this story, it would be: If you are a flamenco dancer and you want to purchase a pair of flamenco shoes, seek out extraordinary flamenco dancers, watch them, get inspired and then buy a pair and wear your heart out of them! Note: I’ve also purchased several Gallardo Shoes direct from Madrid at: I’ve purchased several Menkes Shoes in Sevilla, Spain. Their website:


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