March Adventures

March 23, 2008

March… Explore, adventure and discovery. My 2008 has been busy. None stop!! But, I’ve been enjoying the tempo of March. The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix, I’ve been home more and have had the opportunity to catch up with some friends I haven’t seen in a while and try some different things. I just went rock climbing the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have rock climbed in the past, but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve thrown caution to wind and hoisted myself up onto a wall filled with geometrically proportioned rocks, perfectly designed to challenge my agility and strength. I’m overcoming my fear of heights! My dance schedule has been quite enjoyable, but I’ve been feeling a strong desire a change up the routine. The rock climbing excursion was surprisingly a super-pleasurable outing that provided an excellent workout. I went to Climbmax located in Tempe, Arizona. Check them out: It’s an impressive sight to see, friendly environment and helpful employees. Two thumbs up, baby! Some other new areas of self-discovery…. All Natural Peanut Butter! It’s healthy, nutty and quite filling. I highly recommend it if you are not allergic and seeking a nutritious meal. Have it with a banana. You can call yourself nutty or fruity. Either way, you’d be right. And once again, it’s all about exploration, adventure and discovery!

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